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D.P. Maddalena Works

I have a relatively technical outlook on things by virtue of upbringing (my father, physician and Naval aviator), location (Silicon Valley), and occasional occupation (former tech-industry writer, current licensed psychotherapist). I am a creative by virtue of upbringing (my mother the potter and dreamer), location (head in the clouds), and vocation (making visual and written art from the beginning). I work with pictures, paragraphs, and people. Visit the category page for a roadmap; track tags to drill down; or travel through time below.


f e a t u r e d

Read selections from my fiction project, Echoes of a Future Truth

View collected collages spanning 2005-2016. If you like your collage with more action, video collages blend audio with video clips—At First The Words blends clips from a certain popular 1930s animated film with music by Fol Chen.

Listen to audio collages, especially my poetic interpretation of a virtual assistant that interrupts your drive-time tunes with a little prophetic energy to give you real directions.

discover what other things the creator gets up to.

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