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Abrasion: a Sci-Fi Novella

25 May 2017


From the first chapter of my sci-fi novella, Abrasion, coming soon to print …



She pushed open the door to the shimmering image of City Hall, and approached the placid, alert receptionist, her boots now treading more softly, impotently suspended on the mocking, hardwood floor, which squeaked in a comforting way.

‘Afternoon, how can I help?’ said the ghost, with the earnestness of a memory.

‘I’m here to pay my utility bill,’ she said, playing her part.

‘Certainly.’ said the nobody, the everybody-who-ever-worked-a-desk-job in front of her, reaching into a metal lock-box for a bound stack of receipts. Lifting the top pages free, he folded the back cover up and under them, recorded the date on the first page, simultaneously imprinting a copy beneath it. ‘Another beautiful day,’ he began, as they acted out the ritual, passing facsimiles between them.



Anonymous, 2015, paper sculpture, by Zoe Maddalena

read the full chapter or email for more.